Student Athlete Should Get Paid

There is a preconceived notionncaa_money_mgn that being a student athlete in some way means that you have everything handed to you. Due to them having certain expenses covered by the university they are attending, they are burden free, but being a student athlete entails a lot more than many of us aware of. The NCAA claims that student athlete are amateurs. My stance is that student athletes should get paid to play in college and this is for multiple reasons. Being a student is a job in itself that consists of sleepless nights, early mornings, and a very packed schedule that drains the life out of you. When you count being a student athlete in you add practices and workouts, away games that take away from you being in the classroom and then having to make up what you’ve missed, along with even more things. According to  Maxwell Strachan an Huffingtonpost Journalist Stated that ” former NCAA basketball stars Ed O’Bannon and Shane Battier said student-athletes should be compensated for their hard work”. When you have all of those responsibilities it puts into perspective why student athletes should get paid for the work that they do. Due to all of those responsibilities they are unable to work, unlike many regular college students, and that usually means being financially dependent on parents. According to Julian Royal, a student athlete at George Mason sated that “Athletes should get paid because outside of sports and school there is no real time to make money. Its hard to find ways to pay for plane tickets to get back home during the breaks and the holidays.”  It takes hard work and dedication to be a student athlete, uphold your grades to a sufficient standard, and still excel in the sport you are playing. For these reason I believe that student athletes should be paid because even though there are certain benefits, in the end they still give up a lot as well. The NCAA is making a lot of  money from Student Athlete and there are not getting paid. For More information.

Being financially dependent on your parents, or parent if you are from a single parent household can be very stressful on not only the parents, but the student as well. If parents have to take care of the household and pay bills, as well as take care of younger siblings (if there are any), which causes a strain within the household. Then you add into it having to support your child throughout college, and that can also put a financial strain on the household. When financial burdens are on the parents/parent of the athlete he or she feels the pressure as well. That trickles down on the student athlete and they are unable to focus on their main priorities which are school and sports the way that they should because their family could be struggling or unable to support them financially when need be. Another significant point is the chances of being injured. Many of these student athletes risk injury, which means they put their health on the line, and if that isn’t reason enough as to why they deserve to be paid then I do not know what is. With all of these factors, I believe that students who are also athletes deserve to be paid. To see more Statistic,


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