Student Ahtlete Worst Nightmare

There are many possibilities that come with being a student athlete. You were recruited to play a sport to the best of your abilities and make the team the best that it can be. The realistathlete-injuries-main_0ic view with being a student athlete is there is a possibility that you could get injured. During the four years that you are a student athlete you do experience a few injuries. If you are fortunate enough to not experience that you still experience the aching body and sore muscles from the endless days that you spend in the gym and playing the sport that you are recruited to play.  For most individuals the cost of college is a major factor in deciding whether or not an individual will attend college, so when you are offered a scholarship for your talent, it’s something you gladly accept for many reasons. The first reason being you save your family the cost of college which we all know can be very draining to a household, and you also save yourself the cost of repaying loans after graduation. Even with these major benefits there is still a significant question that needs to answered and that is what happens if a student athlete gets injured and is unable to continue playing? If a student athlete gets injured while playing for his or her university there is a possibility that they will lose their scholarship. Though this is not fair due to the fact that this individual got injured while striving to make the university’s athletics their main priority. It is no secret that college athletics brings in a great portion of funds to the university, “The conferences are getting all these millions, and players are not getting anything” (Kenneth L. Shropshire). If a student athlete is injured and cannot continue his or her athletic college career and do lose their scholarship, which leaves burden on not only the family, but the student as well. Barack Obama has a little to say about the issue.

 That financial burden could possibly cause the student to not complete college because he is unable to cover the cost. Student athletes should not lose their scholarship if they get injured because they were injured doing the job that they came to do for their university, and despite all of that they do not get paid, but still do it to the best of their ability. This depicts the true nature of the game, that you are only valuable when you are of use, “It emphasizes the aspects in which this is an unfair bargain, with big risks and small gains for student athletes, and large gains for the universities” (Nicolas Cornell). If anything the university should make it its priority for any student athlete that gets injured to keep their scholarship, and finish out college the same way they would have if they were not injured, on a full ride. Though there are many benefits to being a student athlete, there is a major risk of severely injuring yourself and for students taking that risk day in and day out, there should never be a fear of losing the thing that keeps you in college.


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