Life After College Basketball

I played a sport my entire life—all through high school and all through college. So, what are my skills? What do I love to do? There is no doubt that I love basketball, but what will I love that employers will think I can be an asset to their company for? Each year there are more than 2,000 seniors that graduate from college who played basketball (Feng p. 4). However, only 60 get selected to play in the next level of basketball. According to the NCAA they stated that “According to the most recent Graduation Success Rate data, 82 percent of Division I freshmen scholarship student-athletes who entered college in 2004 earned a degree. In Division II, 73 percent of freshmen student-athletes who entered college in 2004 graduated’. There are so many student athletes whose dreams get crushed because of the small ratio of college players who get accepted into the professional league. Most student athletes put in tremendous amounts of hard work to perfect their skills for their sport, but still don’t meet the requirements of the professional league. I interviewed a former basketball player who played basketball in college. After graduation he asked himself, “What am I going to do? Basketball is my passion and has my heart. There is nothing else that I want to do” (Edwards). “I have been out of college for a year now and I still cannot find a job” (Edwards).  Picture2He believed that the school could have done a better job of helping graduating student athletes, since they know that their entire time had to be spent at practice, at the game, traveling, and anything else required for the sport. Naturally, it is challenging to get a job while being a student athlete. Regular students are more likely to have an increased chance to get into the working field because they had more time during college. This time is valuable because it allowed them the opportunity to obtain an internship and find ways to get part time job which they can highlight on their resume as acquired experience. But for basketball players and other student athletes, time is limited. Most times all they can put on their resume is that they have played for a university and can work extremely hard, but have no working experience. Athletics takes care of us athletes during the years we provide entertainment for the school, but perhaps it’s time for the school to step up and offer more activities and real world working experience to allow athletes a better visual of all that is needed to be successful in a career field after graduation.  Ed Feng give more details about the real odds about life college


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